New Way to Submit New & Updated URLs to Google for Indexing

Recently Google introduces the other way for submission of new and updated urls for indexing. This new system will help many webmasters,especially in the case of the new website, to make their pages indexed by Google. Previously, they have to wait for Google to crawl and index their websites. Image Credits : ern Crawling and indexing are two different things. Crawling is going through the page and indexing is storing the crawled information for search.

Google PageRank Update August 2011

Yes, there is again a Google PageRank update within two months. Last Google PageRank updated was in June 2011. This update has moved the PR of eTipsLibrary from 2 to 3. PageRank was introduced by Google in 1998 and after more than a decade, they have a lot more things, including the PR, in their search algorithm to rank the webpages. Now, most of the webmasters do not care much about the PageRank and concentrate.

Blogging Tools and Resources

A Blogger needs to use many tools and resources to manage a blog. Here, I created a list of tools and resources for Blogging Platforms, Writing, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Images, Social Media, Tracking, Reading,  Subscribers, Blogging Directories and Communities, Hosting and others. If you want to add any other tool or resource to grow the list,  you can suggest via comments. Image Credits : ikke Blogging Platform Blogger – A free hosted blogging platform